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Thank you for applying to The Vancouver Mural Festival!

Our Curators consider every application and we announce their selections by June 15th, 2019. There is a lot of work to do and many considerations in making selections. We appreciate your patience!

Meanwhile, we do keep your application on file and reference them throughout the year while we're working on other projects and commissions.

Artist who have previously been featured as muralists as part of the Vancouver Mural Festival 2016-2018 will not be considered for another mural in the festival at this time. 

Due to our festival management software, information from you application will be stored on servers outside of Canada.


Please fill in the following details with care. We only ask for online links to view samples of your past work. Please ensure your website, facebook and/or instagram are all up to date featuring examples of your current work!

Alias / Professional Name / Artist Name
This is the name you use to sign and promote your work, which is not necessarily your legal name.
What are your pronouns?
She/Her/Hers He/Him/His They/Them/Theirs Prefer To Self Describe
Street Address *
City/Town *
Postal Code/Zip Code *
Country *
Date of Birth *
Web-based portfolios are our preferred viewing option. Dropbox and Google Drive links accepted. Images must be viewable online, no download links, please.
Applicant type *
Individual Artist Art Gallery/Museum Non-profit/Artist Run Centre Community Organization/School Artist Collective
Number of Members *
For duos, collectives, etc.
Do you identify with any groups or communities?
LGBTIQ2S+ Indigenous New Immigrant Racialized Group Deaf Disabled Prefer To Self Describe
Please provide any detail or description to your answer above (regarding cultural and community affiliation)
Have you painted a mural before?
Never One (Small) One (Large) A few I'm a seasoned mural artist I've helped paint a mural
If you have painted a mural, please outline your experience.
Are you available to paint your mural during the 2019 festival? *
Yes! I'm available July 28th - August 10th to paint my mural No, but I'm open to other opportunities
For artists outside of Vancouver, can you cover your own travel and accommodations? *
Yes   No
All selected artists are compensated for their work. We generally select for around 80% local artists because we have a lot of talent locally, but also because we have a limited travel budget. If you're able to cover your own travel and accommodations, it makes it much easier for us to consider bringing in more artists from out of town. 

For Canadian Artists, you can look into Canada Council Travel Grants to cover these costs if you are selected.
Is there anything else you'd like us to know?
We're trying out some new software this year and there have been a few errors with this form. If you receive a message when completing your application, send us an email at hello@vanmuralfest.com.

Thanks for applying!
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